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granos de cafe

For coffee lovers!

We know there are plenty of options on the Internet. Here we offer you a selection of products we believe are interesting and special. We post reviews of coffee products for coffee lovers, and some tea and chocolate products too.

We have grouped them in several categories:
– Coffee supplies: ground, whole bean coffee or instant coffee
– Coffee flavors: syrups and other additives for your coffee drinks
– Coffee mugs and cups: from very funny to really elegant
– Coffee equipment: coffee machines (automatic and manual), grinders, filters, utensils
– Coffee books, films and music: technical information, and other coffee themed publications
– Coffee clothing: coffee themed T-shirts
– Coffee plants: have you seen a live coffee plant?
– Toys: coffee themed toys for your kids or yourself
– Tea: some items for tea lovers
– Chocolate: also, some chocolate drinks and products

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